Procrastination and Power Steering Fluid

I know we’ve all heard it, the old adage advising us “Don’t put of until tomorrow what you can do today”. It’s generally good advice, until it comes to something we don’t actually want to do, then it’s met with a groan and I hear “Blah, blah, blah” where the advice should be. Now inContinue reading “Procrastination and Power Steering Fluid”

Here’s to You, and Here’s to Me

This guy. He was known by many names, though my favorite to call him was Goofball. James “Jimmy” Rock was quite the character, and my favorite persona of his was Shamus McFadden DaKatt. This image is one of many that comes to mind when I think of him, the sweet smile and the thoughtful (andContinue reading “Here’s to You, and Here’s to Me”

Similar yet different, ah, dichotomies.

I know that I often joke about my family tree being a shrubbery; it’s funny because it’s true. I am beyond fortunate to have 6 parents, only one of whom is biological. Yesterday marked the four year anniversary of one of the most tumultuous weeks I’ve ever had. It truly was a tale of twoContinue reading “Similar yet different, ah, dichotomies.”

Tech savvy and terrific

Today I am grateful for kind words, helpful spirits and getting things accomplished. I’ve been delaying upgrading my phone since Sprint is now T-Mobile. That kind of stuff stresses me out and typically causes frustration, largely because I’m a creature of habit and I like my things like I like them. However, after about 10Continue reading “Tech savvy and terrific”