Yesterday’s post was real and raw, and not a side of myself that I show often let alone leave out there for the world to see. For those that I worried, that was not my intent.

I tell my kids often that “Our feelings are meant to be felt; they’re part of the human experience. If we weren’t meant to feel them, we wouldn’t have them.” I encourage them to “feel their feels”, I think in large part because I often keep mine to myself. Late last night while I should have been sleeping, I was trying to make sense of all of the “dis” from yesterday.

This image sums it up so succinctly. There’s grief in the typical vein of loss of life, and goodness knows I’m familiar with that. There’s also grief that comes in the loss of a connection, a friendship, a dream, an idea. This last week has put a glaring spotlight on all of those things, illuminating all of the illusions I was holding as truths.

The good news is, the illumination combined with my raw realness yesterday, showed me that everything wasn’t for naught. There’s that almost invisible net of support, pillars that are holding you up even when you don’t see it or feel it. I am grateful, truly.

I still have a memorial service to figure out, but I have faith that it’ll work out as it needs to.

Less snarly, still sleep deprived.


PS- Sometimes the few minutes it takes to type out a couple words, can really make someone feel seen. Take the time when the thought strikes.

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