Tech savvy and terrific

Today I am grateful for kind words, helpful spirits and getting things accomplished.

I’ve been delaying upgrading my phone since Sprint is now T-Mobile. That kind of stuff stresses me out and typically causes frustration, largely because I’m a creature of habit and I like my things like I like them. However, after about 10 days of technical difficulties, calls not always coming in or going out, and a few other issues, I had added a visit to the local store to my to-do list this weekend. I even went so far as to reach out to a friend who works for T-Mobile because I knew she’d help and it would have been great to see her face… but she wasn’t working again until Monday. I seriously considered waiting until then, however gravity had other plans.

While disposing of our epic pumpkin carvings, my phone jumped out of my pocket and gave the sidewalk a hug, leaving a spiderweb in the broken glass as evidence of the love they had shared. There was also a growing area of black goop under the glass where the LCD screen had broken. With a bit of an exasperated sigh, knowing I wouldn’t have my friend to help me, I grabbed my daughter and headed off to the store.

We waited around, looked at a couple things and joked while we passed the time. After about fifteen minutes of meandering, a guy asked how he could help us. For the next hour or so, he helped close out the sprint stuff and get me set up with my new phone. He laughed and joked with us, helped entertain my daughter when needed and let her help as the process allowed. As we got ready to leave, I thanked him for being awesome and it seemed to make his day.

What was anticipated to be a stressful and potentially overwhelming thing turned out to be quite enjoyable, and I’m grateful!

We have his card and he’s our new buddy! I love adding kind and helpful people to the circle!

From the new phone,


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