Words, man.

I heard once, years ago, an explanation for why words matter so much: “Words have power and magic, that’s why it’s called spelling.” I always kind of took that to heart, and have tried (albeit failed many times) to use that power for good.

There’s many things out in the world now about words and how to use them; sayings like “Your word is your bond” or principles such as “Be impeccable with your word” and sometimes harsh truths of “No response is a response, remember that.”

I think, if we remember the latter and focus on the former, we’ll be in pretty good shape. If you’re impeccable with your word, and treat your word as your bond, you’ll show up in integrity. On the way into work each morning, I pass an electric billboard that usually has some little nugget of inspiration. The last few days it has said, “What you’re doing speaks so loudly, I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

Believe it or not, the good comes back to you.

That got me thinking about the importance of how we choose to show up in the world. I think, by and large, the merit and character of a person has far more weight than what they accomplish. Who someone is, at their core, trumps their deeds. If you want to be seen as dependable, be someone others can depend on. If you want to be seen as a confidant, be someone people can confide in and know that it’s a safe space to do so. If you want more love, understanding and acceptance- give it away! If you’re doing any of those things, to gain the title or recognition (from a character or achievement standpoint), I think your motives are skewed.

Today, I am grateful for those who share their words with me and allow me to share mine. Free, open and safe, the conversations had within our circle remain there only. I appreciate the trust, the love, the constructive criticism and the assistance. We’re ever growing and learning, and it’s a privilege to get to do so along side some amazing people.

In appreciation of those who encourage me to grow,


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