The little things

How often do you slow down and take note of the simple things? The thumbnail sliver of a waning moon rising just before the sun? The soul gripping notes of your favorite song? The smile on the normally surly guy at work, who’s smile makes you join him because it’s a rarity? The kind words from a friend? The thoughtful gesture by residents at work?

What about the person who let you merge into traffic hassle-free? Or the open checkout at the grocery store? What about the dinner shared with family? Passing a yawn around a group of people, because they are contagious after all? The memories created in simple moments, the inside jokes and bonds strengthened? The song sent by a friend?

There are countless moments in any given day, in every single day, that are worthy of our thanks. These are just a few that my tired brain can come up with after an evening spent with my Brother, Sister Lady, Girl Kid and a Meow. Please don’t take for granted the little things, they have a huge ripple effect.

With love and tired eyes,


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