Pen, Paper and Perspective

Today has been a bit strange, with much time spent in reflection.

I was reminded of a saying today, albeit unintentionally by a friend, that “Paper is more patient than people”. I believe it was an English teacher in high school who went on a brief rant one morning about how paper doesn’t judge, it doesn’t use what you say against you, it doesn’t lie; instead it is there for you whenever you need it, and it just listens.

I took that rant to heart and have indeed written my little heart out more times than I can count since his helpful diatribe. It’s a rare occasion to find me without pen and paper of some variety, because over the years, it’s been my most faithful tangible companion. Despite the fact that you’re reading this on a public blog, my writing is incredibly personal. I don’t share all that I write, not by a long shot.

Today when that pen, with the smooth as silk ink, hit the paper I got lost in a flow of thoughts and feelings. Time slowed as pages filled and as I continued, my perspective began to shift. I wrapped up in time for First Tuesday, perfectly.

Pen, paper and perspective- three things I’m grateful for today.

Write on,


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