The month of giving thanks

When I got to work this morning I smiled at the calendar that said it was still October, secretly relishing in the knowledge that I’d be the one to get to turn the page. Closing the door to last month was a welcome thought, and the fact that it’s now November was an added bonus.

Today marks the beginning of the end of a cycle, one rotation around the sun. In this final month of my current natal year, I enjoy taking stock of where I’ve been and what I’ve done in comparison to where I’d hoped to be. It’s a month filled with self reflection as well as introspection, to see where and how I’ve grown and which areas still need work. Those realizations will lay the groundwork to seeing how my path lays before me, as I decide where I’d like to meander to. By the time my birthday rolls around next month, I’d like to have an inkling of how I’d like my life to feel in the coming year.

November also marks the one month of the year that has its focus on giving thanks. There are so many things to be thankful for on any given day, in every single day. I know many post to their social media during this time daily one thing they’re thankful for, and maybe I’ll hop on that train (likely not). I considered posting it here, and that’s still up for debate. I know it’ll go down in my gratitude journal regardless.

However today, to kick off the month, I was thankful for the colder weather and dreary skies because it matched my mood. The fall colors pop differently against a gray sky, and there’s something about days like today that have me seeking comfort- soup, fuzzy blankets, warmth, hot cocoa. Days like today also make me want to be a bit of a hermit, to come into myself and my space and just be- which is perfect for me today considering what my focus was.

In addition to that, and the ability to write out my thoughts, I’m grateful for true friendship. The long chats that span a multitude of topics, both shedding tears and laughter, knowing that for both of us honesty is the best policy. There’s a comfort in the realness and the vulnerability, the safety that comes from knowing that thoughts can be shared freely and feeling the feelings is welcome. There’s also something magical about friendships that span decades, being able to point out for one another (and in ourselves) where we’ve grown or how we’re handling something differently. I cherish those chats, and I’m thankful for the friends I have them with.

In gratitude and with a smile,


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