Happy Birthday, Lewis

Special days are hard, especially the first. I know this, and as such, I tried to prepare ahead of time. I’m wearing blue and white, the closest I’ll get to wearing Giants colors, and it’s considered work appropriate. I compiled a playlist of songs that both remind me of you and that hold special meaning, and it is quite the list. Bob Seger to unexplainably help my pool game, The Bloodhound Gang just because you thought it was funny, No Doubt and the Beastie Boys, Dropkick and Korn, and of course The Peacemakers. It has been nothing shy of a musical menagerie of awesomeness at work today. I’ve sang and danced, laughed and cried, then laughed again. I love how music connects us, even now.

“Hello Tiger” by The Peacemakers started playing, and I was instantly taken back to The Denver Day of Rock 2019, when you were intentionally stepping on my toes because of the lyrics. I hope to never forget the look on your face as I sang the following lines all angry-like at you, “And I say, “I don’t deserve this shit!”, I say “Hey man, what the fuck?”.” The guy in front of us turned around, looking slightly concerned, as the song carried on. His fears were instantly laid to rest when you looked at me and growled like a tiger as I sang the chorus at you. Your laugh rang out over the sound of the live band, and I rolled my eyes. A flash in time, a brief moment, and one that I absolutely love.

I ventured down memory lane today as well, and I came across the picture of you above. I don’t know what was going on, or why you were laughing, all I know is I can hear that beautiful and contagious sound when I look at it. I miss that. As I sat down to write to you today, “Leave An Open Door” started blaring from my speaker here at work… how fitting.

“Mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers
We never run out of hope when we love one another!”

I think your love, for your friends, your family, even the strangers on the street, is what I miss the most.

Today I’ll do my best to ride the flow, or as the Peacemakers would sing “Go with the flow”. Music will keep playing, hockey will be watched, whiskey will be had, maybe I’ll challenge Trav to a game of Magic, and I’ll eat a little chex mix before having some delicious Italian food. Soon, I’ll take up a pool cue and do my best to make you proud, or laugh from up high. Today is a good day, because it is your day, and that makes it worth celebrating.

Happy birthday Lewis, you are loved!


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